My Lunch Date

Best. Date. Ever. And it was with the one and only…. My best friend, Brad Clifton. He’s a big time foodie like me, but you wouldn’t have guessed by looking at him. He’s all muscular arms, chisled chest, and abs that resembled a chocolate bar. Exercise and along with a metabolism on hyper-drive will do … More My Lunch Date

Q & A #1

Ask me anything in the comment section below! I’ll be sure to answer everyone’s questions. 🙂 🙂 

Gettin’ Saucy 

Hi there, foodie folks! The bistro closed about an hour ago. I’m at Tony’s house, commandeering yet another one of his computers. We’re both unwinding with a glass a wine. Okay, okay. Maybe two glasses of wine. Petey and Jade–Tony’s gorgeous great dane, are playing ‘Fail to Catch the Fireflies’ in the backyard. Same ol” … More Gettin’ Saucy 


I started the day with a post. Now I’ll end it with one. I loved today.  I loved yesterday. I can guarantee you that I’ll love tomorrow. I bet you’re probably thinking- “Uh, isn’t that a tad bit premature? How can you be certain that tomorrow will be just as awesome as today? What if … More Zzzzz…

Richie’s Seafood Shack

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…my older brother, Richie, is a weird individual. But that’s what makes him special and different. And I absolutely love that about him. Same goes for his cooking. Richie owns a growing in popularity seafood restaurant-Richie’s Seafood Shack- off the boardwalk in JewelCove. My home town. Living by the water … More Richie’s Seafood Shack

Whoop! Whoop!

I’m typing fast, so I apologize in advance for any misspellings. It’s been a hectic day here. I’m using Tony’s computer in his office at the  bistro. Well, In the Box Bistro, that is. It’s a small restaurant that serves hot dogs, paninis, and sliders. Tony runs the place while my best friend, Brad, and … More Whoop! Whoop!